How to play Belangkai – Basic bet types

Belangkai is an innovative variation of the traditional game, which has attracted a large number of players thanks to its attractive winning odds and easy-to-understand playing rules. However, achieving big wins in this game is not simple. Don’t worry, the following article jilievo will provide you with how to play as well as valuable advice.

Information about Belangkai game

Belangkai is an interesting game also known as “emperor crab”, very popular and popular, especially among women in China. In Belangkai, players use a four-sided dice, consisting of symbols such as flowers, shrimp, fish and king crab, attached to a small stick.

At the beginning, the dealer will spin the stick and then the result will be covered by a small bowl, participants will have 10 seconds to place a bet. When the time runs out, the results will be revealed and those whose bets match the opened results will win.

How to play Belangkai?

After registering to participate in the game, you will meet a Dealer, the person who represents the house and is responsible for managing each betting round and determining the results. In the Dealer’s hand, there will be a dice with 6 sides; however, only 4 sides are used because there is an axis passing through. These sides are engraved with images of Fish, Shrimp, crabsand Flowers, and then the Dealer will place a bowl on it and begin the process of shaking the dice.

This entire process is done in front of the player, requiring attention and observing or hearing the shaking sound to make the correct betting decision. Each player will have about 12 seconds to review and choose their betting target. When the betting time ends, the Dealer will open the bowl to reveal the results of this spin. The winning or losing result will be based on the symbols that appear. If the result you choose matches, the bet will be won.

What basic betting options are there?

Belangkai has many different types of bets, but below are the 3 basic doors most used at the house.

Bet 1 symbol

This is the simplest type of Belangkai bet, players only need to bet on one symbol and the winning rate here is 1:2.5. If the result you predict matches the announced symbol, the amount will increase by 2.5 times the amount of capital spent.

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This type of bet requires participants to bet directly on two symbols and the odds of winning are 1:0.8. This means that if the result matches one of the two selected member symbols, the bonus amount received will increase by 0.8 times compared to the initial level set.

Bet on 3 symbols

This form requires participants to predict 3 symbols that will appear and bet on them. The bonus ratio when winning is 1: 0.25, which means that when the bet is correctly predicted, the player will receive a bonus increased to 0.25 times the initial amount spent.

How to play Belangkai effectively from experts

You want to conquer Belangkai game but haven’t found the right way to bet? Don’t worry, below are sharing ways to play Belangkai with tips from leading experts, helping bettors win impressively:

Master the rules of the game: Start by mastering all the rules of the game Belangkai. Knowing the rules of the game will help you avoid common mistakes and know how to choose the most effective options.

Remember previous games: Record the results of previous games to analyze and predict the trend of the dice, thereby helping you make smart decisions for the next bet. Currently, with the history review mode, bettors can monitor and research without wasting time recording these results.

Emotion control: During the experience, maintaining a comfortable and stable mentality is extremely necessary, this will assist in calculating and making the most informed betting decisions.

Capital management: Whether or not your Belangkai online betting success will depend largely on your betting capital management skills. As a professional player, you must know how to allocate money wisely, thereby avoiding the risk of losing everything when you lose.

The above article has updated information as well as the standard way to play Belangkai. Hopefully you can refer to and master the strategies and experiences, thereby improving your playing skills and opening up greater chances of winning.

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